Swiming Lessons For All Ages And Abilities

Infant/Toddler Water Play: Ages 6 months to 3 years - water safety with a focus on fun, stimulating activities.

Private Lessons: Ages 3+ years  - focused on the perfection of all four competition swim strokes.

Developmental Swim Team: Ages 6+ years - for advancing into competitive swimming or becoming stronger for ocean sports

Adult Lessons: - available by appointment to overcome the fear of water or advance from basic swim


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Infant/Toddler Water Play


Ages 6 months to 3 years

Class is a"play-date" for infants and "play-group" for toddlers in the pool.  With the help of a parent or trusted guardian water play is a stimulating activity for infants/toddlers and adults, which promotes gross motor development, teaches basic swimming skill and water safety. Class is divided into the following segments:  1. Songs & Games, 2. Swimming Skills, and 3. Free Play 

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Private Lessons


Ages 3+ years (1:3 maximum ratio)

45 Minute Class

Each lesson will help the child perfect all four competitive swim strokes, and build swimming strength and endurance. 15 minutes of your child's lesson is one-on-one. 30 minutes of lesson time is free play with the other students to encourage playing and learning from each other.  We encourage "play group" enrollment,  or signing up with friends and family. For students who want a longer lesson we offer 30 minute lessons with 15 minutes of free play. 

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Developmental Swim Team


Ages 6+ Years (1:3 maximum ratio)

45 minute Class

The goal of this class is to perfect all four competitive swim strokes and to build strength and endurance. This class is great for the child who wants to get ready for competitive swim team or become a stronger swimmer for ocean sports. Students will work on all four competitive swim strokes, learn how to circle swim, be introduced to competitive turns, and become stronger by swimming longer distances.

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Adult Lessons


Adult lessons are available by appointment.

The Wild Child Staff are happy to develop a program especially for your needs. We specialize in working one-on-one with adults who are beginners or are afraid of the water.  Classes meet in the FIT Pool.


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